Demo 1.5

Version 1.5 Update

  • Added destructible small buildings and houses.  These buildings shatter into small pieces when you destroy them.  Also houses have multiple parts you have to destroy.
  • Replaced and added more primary attack animations.  Titan will preform a different attack  depending on the object you're facing.
  • Added sound effect for Titan being hit by enemy gun fire.
  • Tweaked civilian ragdolls. Ragdolls will be "floatier" when hit by the slide kick.
  • Added more lore.
  • Changed design of Upgrade screen (put more focus on unlock-able Ability).
  • Changed upgrade points name from "Merits" to "Chaos".
  • Changed layout of "End of Level" score screen.
  • Made changes to tutorial level. Removed trap section. Player now exits level via teleporter.
  • Removed Level 3. Took down for future redesign.
  • Changed layout of main menu. Control scheme and option to skip tutorial are now select in main menu scene.

EDIT (2018-07-28)
1.5.1 Update: Removed a floor collider sprite from the 1st stage.

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