Play newer version of game: TitanPunk Unity (runs with UnityWebGL)


  • A or D - move left and right
  • Hold S - Stomp
  • E - Grab and Eat
  • Q - Bounce Mode
  • W - Jump higher while in bounce mode (hold while near ground)
  • LMB - Strike
  • RMB - Aim Stretch Punch.
    • Use mouse to aim in direction.
    • Press Strike (LMB) to punch
  • Hold Shift - Sprint while moving.


A hobby HTML5 game I've been working on for the past year and a half. Play as a giant alien titan. Crush puny earthlings, destroy buildings, buy upgrades with blood! Game is still a work in progress so there might be some bugs and the art work is hideous. But isn't being ugly an art? It isn't?...Okay sorry. Enjoy yourself... (with the game, wasn't being snarky. I swear)

ver 0.34:
Minor QoL changes.


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